Get Paid For Singing Hooks

Do you have what it takes to sing, create crazy short melodies, talented in all ways that song composition comes to you easily or you would want the opportunity to create more hooks and practice more while getting paid?

This is not a sales pitch,

a lot of people buy my beats and i just don't

want to sell - sell - sell beats

without offering my fans and customers the chance to make 

some cash as well.

I am looking for talented artist who are willing and ready to do 

more with their talent.


* Do you think you have what it takes to drop sick hooks, bars ?

* Do you think you got stacks of melodies in your head ?

* Do you think you can come up with hooks to beats easily,

* Do you think you got the voice but would love to polish your ability to create sick hooks


STEP 1 - Shoot me a link to your sound so we can check you out/ DOWNLOAD any of my beats and do a freestyle video of you 

doing a hook and tag me in the video on instagram.

STEP 2 - Follow me on Instagram and Youtube


STEP 4 - having a beatstars account will help you monitor the sakes of the beat with your hook by yourself. 

let me know if you want updates first on new beats release each week


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